girls in locker

very morning, I walk into school, say hello to my teachers and everyone who's here, and drop my backpack in my locker. I come in early most days, so I either socialize, catch up on some studying, or read until more students arrive.

8:30 AM

Then at 8:30, I get to rejoice with my classmates and teachers in Worship. During worship I get 15 minutes where I can just pray and sing freely to God before we start our classes. Initially this felt odd, but now it gives me peace. A good way to start the day.

8:45 AM

All upper and lower high school students begin the day with study skills class. We are taught several ways to study and take notes. I know that many of them work because I have put them into practice and my grades have gone up.

As a senior, the study skills class is followed by my independent study time. I usually spend the time in the senior lounge studying physics. Some days I go over to the elementary side and work as a teaching assistant on their Montessori activities. The Montessori certified teacher has taught me certain activities and now I have the chance to practice. If I spend enough time during the year with the elementary students I can get a high school credit for my work, in addition to get practical experience in a potential field of college level study. During this time, upper high school students form very small groups studying different kinds of maths and the lower high school students have their math, which is hands on and expressive. Their math teacher's aim is getting them all to really understand math, so she teaches pre-algebra using blocks. Students seem to like it.

10:30 AM

In the midst of it all, in comes Mr John with the bread he makes in the morning. “Ladies first,” he announces. I thought that was out of date, but Mr. John takes it very seriously. The boys, they step back and let the teachers and girls enter ahead of them. They even treat the girls as someone to know, not someone to “date.” The girls seem to appreciate the respect.

I liked history class even before I came to TLE, but here I especially like and excel in it. All upper and lower high school students study together. As we go through history slower we have a chance to really dive into the issues in more detail, sometimes we even get to be part of a debate. History is more fun, and time goes fast.

12.00 PM

Shortly after noon it is time for lunch, which we spend together. This whole issue with mixed grade levels was a new thing for all of us. But after a while we find that it really has a positive impact. We can see that if we study hard, we can graduate early; we see what it takes and as we talk to the high school students we understand what it takes to be successful. Some of them become our role models, an inspiration to work harder. Others are just cool and fun to be with. I've discovered that age has very little to do with maturity. I have friends that are both younger and older than I am. Anyhow, during lunch we talk to friends, play a game like Apples-to-Apples or chat with Mr. Zach. Lunch ends with another round of worship and sometimes announcements.

After lunch I have another of my favorite classes, high school literature. We read and discuss a book together as a class, although the class is only the teacher, me, and two other high school girls. This time of the day we also start to talk about the play that we do every year, which is based on the books we've read. Yes, we are the ones who write the script, we will also play the roles, one for each of us, so no one gets left out.


3:15 PM

Last time slot of the day is chore time. We help out cleaning up the school before we go home. Never thought I would have to clean a school. But it goes actually quite fast when we work together in a group. The reward comes once a month when the best team has lunch in a place we choose with Mr. John. After chores we have time to hang out. Many of us do not really like to be picked up because we want to use this time to talk and have fun with our new friends. It has been an intense day, the atmosphere in class is relaxing and fun, but we have virtually no break between classes, so we are very “efficient” which makes it a very purposeful day.

Then after school most of us are involved in other activities like music lessons, bible study, or sports. It is great that this work also can be recorded as a grade in my transcript.

Thank you for reading, I hope to see you at TLE one day. God Bless, Students at TLE Christian Academy

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