About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 2003, the mission of TLE Christian Academy is to assist parents in educating their children by providing a school where students exchange ideas and are motivated towards leadership, academic achievement and Godly character.

At TLE, we strive to provide every student with an experience that goes beyond academics. Although academics is our priority, we believe that life skills that promote independent, problem solving individuals are equally important. These qualities will produce individuals who serve as they lead a life of passion for doing their best.

Discover TLE

Are you frustrated with strategies currently being offered to your child?  Maybe we can help!  TLE Christian Academy is a private school with small classroom sizes and student-centered teaching approaches.  We whole-heartedly support students who LEARN DIFFERENTLY!


TLE Christian Academy is fully accredited by AdvancED/Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and the Georgia Private School Accreditation Council (GAC).

TLE At-a-Glance

✓ SACS and GAC Accredited
✓ We accept Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Awards (IEP)
✓ Grades K-12
✓ Small Classroom Sizes
✓ Project-Based
✓ Ignitia Curriculum
✓ Montessori

 Individualized Education

TLE meets the needs of our students by conducting comprehensive academic and behavioral assessments. We develop an individualized plan for them to excel in the areas they can, and provide extra support where needed. 

• Standardized Testing
• Multi-Sensory Reading Instruction
• Orton-Gillingham Program
• Math Placement
• Learning Styles
Brain Connectivity
• Sensory Profiles
• DISC Personality
• Love Languages

TLE School Culture

The culture of a school has an enormous impact on how students learn, how they treat each other, and how they grow and develop as people. TLE’s school culture promotes best effort, high expectations, high quality work, collaboration and an ethic of service to their fellow students and to the community. At TLE, our students develop leadership skills and Godly character so they can be a positive impact in the world.

TLE Christian Academy

 2765 South Main St. NW

Kennesaw,  GA 30144


Office: 770.218.1790

Fax: 678.903.5909