Our Approach

K – 12



Many of our students have been diagnosed with learning and/or cognitive differences, such as dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, autism, sensory processing issues, anxiety, or Asperger's.  Others are gifted and desire to work at their own pace.  We look beyond the diagnoses or deficits to provide unique learning experiences for each student.  We provide multiple opportunities for movement, using a variety of whole-brain and multi-sensory approaches.



We meet the needs of our students by conducting comprehensive academic and behavioral assessments. We develop an individualized plan for them to excel in the areas they can, and provide extra support where needed.

•   Standardized Testing
•   Multi-Sensory Reading Instruction
•   Orton Gillingham based program
•   Math Placement
•   Learning Styles
•   Brain Connectivity
•   Sensory Profiles
•   DISC Personality
•   Love Languages


Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM)


We offer a growing list of courses, including direct-instruction and on-line classes for K-12. We offer a STEAM curriculum for all grades, including our K-2 Montessori classes. Here, our young students conduct hands-on science experiments, learn about plants through their garden, and get exposure to 3D printing.


In grades 3-5, students learn the basics of computing through a Computer Skills class. They also learn 3D printing and financial literacy. In grades 6-12, students gain access to electives including Computer Programming, Web Design, and Digital Marketing. 

Character Development & Community Service

Students learn about Christian values through weekly workshops on character development and life skills. Every quarter, students conduct a service project in the community. Past projects included volunteering during Kennesaw’s Big Shanty Festival and visiting with senior citizens.


Small Classrooms & Project Based Learning

Students experience a small classroom environment with teachers who help them strive for academic excellence through student-centered instructional approaches for all learning types. Learning styles are first assessed during the intake assessment process upon applying to TLE. We serve gifted students and those with learning disabilities.

Our goal for TLE students is to equip them 21st century jobs through project-based learning that involves teamwork and problem solving skills. This approach includes:

•   Giving them a consistent means of interacting with a group of children and teachers
•   Teaching them the necessity and blessing of respecting authority
•   Encouraging and re-enforcing the character traits of attentiveness, cooperation, and responsibility
•   Providing activities that would otherwise be impractical if not impossible to do at home, or with a large class
•   Providing challenging class experiences which enhance and complete their education
•   Providing plenty of hands-on, creative activities as well as opportunities for public speaking and performance

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