If you share our passion for the need to grow students with a well rounded education and with strong Christian walk and with long lasting values like honoring the family, the Constitution and responsible economics, we invite you to partner with us. As a Partner YOU will make it possible for us to grow – make us more effective and efficient. We cover day to day operations with the student body we have enrolled, your will make it possible to go beyond, to achieve more faster. We recognize your individual needs and restraints so we invite you to partner on the level you are comfortable with.

As a Partner you are visible, one of a selected few, part of the TLE Family. Your efforts are critical



Donate time

Donate knowledge

Donate things

Donate dollars


With increasing number of students we need more teachers (our student to teacher ratio is 7:1) and we need more professionals with special skills that enhance and improve our offering. If you share our: true love for all children, desire to teach the whole person, commitment to live as practicing Christians, and willingness to be flexible and do what it takes like teach students in any grade level with any curriculum or consult offering flexibility, then you we are interested in talking to you.


If you have a heart for service and a flexible time schedule we would love for you to assist us, to give our teachers a break like monitor test taking, pre- and after care, supervising lunch or serve as a substitute teacher. Or you can spread the word about TLE Academy

We do little advertisement and rely on people like you to spread the word about TLE Academy. We know that there are many students who will benefit from being enrolled at TLE Academy, if they just knew about us. You can be an important link in changing students lives by sharing about us.


You are either a professional who want to share your expertise and experience with our students or share of your passion for a hobby of yours. We need you. You can either be a one-time or several times visiting speaker, coaching a student with interest in your field, have the student come to visit your work place or even take on to teach an elective in your field of expertise.


This is an area we constantly are in need for donations – from school and office supplies to high ticket items like electronics. Some families are in this category and only a few companies, like

Computer equipment from Aptos Solutions


TLE Christian Academy is a 501c3 company which means that all your donations are tax deductible. Please specify what cause you want your donation to be used for. Sorry no big audacious donation goal, just know every donation counts and is a blessing to us and also to you.

You can also join us in redirecting your state taxes to go to TLE Christian Academy. For more information see:


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