We are very proud of our graduates. Every time one of them stop by the school to share or just say hello, all activities stop for a moment as we rejoice, and learn what they are doing. Imagine what it felt like when 40% of them showed up to our Reunion Dinner. And not only that, they shared what TLE has meant to them and they wanted hang out with the teachers and the rector. THAT is our reward.

What to expect from TLE Academy
Student Growth when at TLE Academy

A School with a Single Mission:

EQUIP Each student for LIFE

At TLE Christian Academy we create an accepting, safe and loving environment, where students are taught the way they learn, at a pace they can assimilate, by supporting staff and friends, and with a clear focus on long lasting values, equipping them for life.

TLE Christian Academy

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Kennesaw,  GA 30144


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