At TLE Academy we welcome you and are eager to get to know the unique you. We would you to get to know us, so we have collected things we think you will find interesting. Thank you for taking the time and get to know us.



The staff and returning TLE students are here to help you grow to your fullest potential – the sky is the limit. Here you can learn to accomplish more. If it takes a while to reach the results you want, don’t worry, you will get there; we will be by your side. Once you have acquired thinking and study skills learning becomes natural. Several students have completed two years of high school in a single year. It is also very common for middle school students to take high school courses; it is all up to you. Apart from the required courses for graduation, we have included a list of courses among which you may find some that peaks your interest.


English: writers workshop, debate

Math: Algebra III, Calculus, Statistics

Science: Astronomy, Marine Biology, Anatomy, Introduction to Astro Physics

Social Science: Constitution I and II, Micro and Macro Economics, Geography US and World, Culture studies, Sociology, Psychology

Electives: this list is never ending: Music, drama, instruments solo or in group, Team sport such as hockey, cheer leading, volley ball, baseball, skate boarding individual as
.., bible study, …


Your passion can create new opportunities for others in the school. See what some of your predecessors have done for the school.

– interest in a certain college – then we will try to go and visit that college.

– interest in repairing computers – computers repair, programing, even a A++ certification while still in high school may be available to you.

– interest in politics, research or debate – go to the Capital, be trained as an advocate, serve at a School Choice Rally, meet school legislators

– interested in a military career – recruiters come to the school, some of us went to visit N GA.

– interested in welding – a group went to visit a welding school

– interest in fixing cars – we visited a Porsche shop and an antique car restoration shop

We want to help you become equipped to live your dream.


Q. Will teacher have time to give me the extra attention?

A: Yes, we have small class sizes for that very reason. Your teachers can help you when you need them. As most of our teachers are knowledgeable in most subjects you even can go to one of the other teachers for advice and to hear how he/she presents the material. You can also get help from a peer who is mastering the subject matter or someone in a higher grade, we all would love to help.

Q: I want to move faster, can I do that?

A: Yes, whenever you are ready. Just speak to the teacher or rector and we will sit down with you to see what you want and how it can be accomplished. We are all about being there for you. Once we think we have a solution, we will explain it to your parents, so they are on board. We work as a team, to make it possible for you to reach your goals. You are never alone.

Q: Is there any fun at TLE?

A. Tough question. There is a lot of laughter at TLE, in class and between classes or in breaks. We do have some restrictions that you may not have in other schools – no electronics, no video games, no social media etc. In addition to that we do not allow cliques or dating and of course no bullying. So if any of these is what you mean by fun, no not really. But if you just want to enjoy being with friends, enjoy one another, play board or card games, create art work, sing, dance or act, then yes you will have fun at TLE Academy. And of course, you will probably be invited to the gatherings they organize, to have fun among friends.

Q: What about Electives?

A: At TLE Academy we view most everything as education. This means that if you are enrolled in any after school activities such as bible study, martial arts, music lessons, team or track sports etc, we can view them as electives. One student received 12 credits in electives completed outside of school. We also have plenty of opportunities for you to collect electives as part of the regular school day, it all depends on your interests. Did you know that we have classes is in Soccer, Music, Drama, and Art? In addition we will do our best to accommodate your interests.

Q: What is the dress code and why do you have one?

A: In short the dress code is a TLE shirt and or hoody with brown or black slacks. Jeans may be worn on dress down Friday. We also want you to have a soccer uniform. We want to you look representable. The reason for the uniform is that we want to focus on you, who you are, and what your needs are. Your clothing or any physical appearance like tattoo's, facial pins etc, is not who you are. They distract us from knowing you. The result of uniform attire is that it creates a feeling of belonging. Not a bad thing, right!

A School with a Single Mission:
EQUIP Each student for LIFE

At TLE Christian Academy we create an accepting, safe and loving environment, where students are taught the way they learn, at a pace they can assimilate, by supporting staff and friends, and with a clear focus on long lasting values, equipping them for life.

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TLE Academy is Designed for Success -


Traditional education cannot satisfy the goal of equipping a child for life. That is the reason that the TLE Christian Academy's Out of the Box schooling with solid results. Our focus is on character growth and as they grow grades and relationships improve. That is why our SACS accreditation is in the category of mission driven schools – equipping for life.

We have designed a small, intimate school: 7:1 student to teacher ratio, that breathes love and nurturing, full of disconfirming experiences, out of the box setting different from anything a student may have experienced, to facilitate growth and inner peace.

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